Kneipp circuit in South Tyrol with panoramic view

Kneipp baths in our garden guided by the hostess Laura

Where else can you live in harmony with yourself and with Nature if not in a traditional mountain farm surrounded by forest, magical Alpine meadows and crystal-clear streams and lakes? Feel the pleasure of wet grass under your feet, immerse your arms in cold water, breathe in the scent of fresh herbs and walk in our Kneipp circuit, because at the Ranui Hof your health and well-being are most important. The hostess Laura Runggatscher will illustrate the five pillars of the Kneipp method in our new garden with the therapy circuit.

To apply the Kneipp method at the Ranui Hof lodge in South Tyrol means to:

exploit the primordial power of WATER,
learn about the large variety of MEDICINAL HERBS,
follow a healthy DIET with fresh products,
EXERCISE in a breathtaking Alpine landscape,
unclutter your mind to restore your inner BALANCE.


“I don’t think there is any better remedy than water”. [Sebastian Kneipp]

After an active day in the mountain pastures,climbing or on your e-bike, taking a break in our Kneipp circuit will work miracles. In the morning, the cold water stimulates your blood circulation, reinforces your immune system and in the evening helps bring on sleep.

Medicinal herbs

“Nature is the best pharmacy” [Sebastian Kneipp]

You can test the variety of the medicinal plants and flowers of our garden,already by tasting the aromatic herb water of our healthy breakfast buffet.


“Leave what is natural as far as possible in its most natural form. The preparation of the dishes should be simple and not forced". [Sebastian Kneipp]

The Ranui Hof produces a large variety of top quality products. In this way we can guarantee a healthy diet with freshly prepared dishes that form the basis of your wellbeing: tasty, versatile and genuine, regional and seasonal.

Physical activity

"If you care for your health, do not miss the opportunity to spend time in the open". [Sebastian Kneipp]

The Maso Ranui Hof lodge is the starting point for a large number of excursions in the mountains with breathtaking views, immersed in pristine nature. Outdoor activity strengthens the heart and blood circulation, harmonizes the nervous system and relaxes the mind.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” [Sebastian Kneipp]

At the Ranui Hof farm, life travels in harmony with Nature. When staying with us, your life will follow a balanced and natural rhythm that enhances the body, mind and soul and you can also take home the strength you have restored.




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