The small church of Ranui, a symbol of South Tyrol’s beauty

A highly popular photographic subject, it is a unique location for a wedding in the mountains

The  church of San Giovanni in Ranui  is part of the Ranui Hof property and stands out in the green meadows surrounding the farm. The small church of Ranui in the heart of the beautiful Dolomitic mountain landscape is certainly one of the most photographed sites of South Tyrol. Without fail, any hiker will be fascinated by the Baroque chapel dedicated to Saint John of Nepomuk with its onion-domed bell tower that stands proudly beneath the peaks of the Odle range.

The patron saint’s feast day: Saint John of Nepomuk, May 16th

The small church of Ranui features a pitched roof covered with shingles, a three-sided choir and a bell tower standing at the north-eastern corner of the building, whose onion dome covered in copper is crowned by a star.

The facade of the entrance is richly  decorated   and has a  fresco  depicting the church’s patron saint. The inscription on the facade  of the small church of San Giovanni in Ranui, "erected by Michael Jenner in 1744", was probably affixed by his devoted descendants, given that Michael Jenner died in 1723. His two sons had died before him, while his niece Maria Barbara who in 1720 had married Georg von Mayerl from Bolzano still lived and inherited Ranui along with her cousin Joseph Anton Jenner who had often stayed at Ranui. It was Joseph Anton Jenner who had the small church built.

Precious frescoes and altar pieces

The  barrel vault inside the small Baroque church has a fresco depicting scenes from the life of Saint John Nepomuk. A cycle of 9 paintings on the side walls is dedicated to the life of the saint and confers solemnity to the space inside (photo on the right, John hears the Queen’s confession).

The most beautiful ornament of the church is  the marbled wood altar with two paintings worthy of particular attention. The largest painting shows St John Nepomuk presenting his tongue to the Child Jesus, sitting on the Virgin’s lap, in sign of silence and as the cause of his martyrdom.

For more information on the church of San Giovanni in Ranui
you can purchase a small illustrated booklet at the lodge.

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