Walls and frescoes in the historic farmhouse in Val di Funes

A voyage into the past

During your holiday in this historic farmhouse, relive moments of past life and listen to the enchanting ancient myths and the events that revolve around the former hunting lodge of the Jenner family.

The Ranui Hof lodge is one of the most ancient farmsteads in Val di Funes. First mentioned in 1370 as "hofze Rumenuye und wise heizzet Tschuval" in an official document of Berthold von Gufidaun, the name of the farm gradually transformed into Ranui. It is assumed that the Ranui Hof farmhouse was initially a country mansion owned by the Lords of Gufidaun,  later bought in 1665 by the innkeeper and trader Michael Jenner (1637-1723). Jenner transformed the farm into a summer hunting lodge with adjoining tower. The Jenners proved to be such good hosts that the farmhouse became a popular meeting point for hunters.

Holidays in the historic farmhouse

The house remained the property of the family for 109 years, until Michael Jenner’s niece, Barbara von Mayerl, born Jenner von Seebegg und Vergutz, sold it in 1744 to Anton Runggatscher (formerly Widmann and Hurbacher zu Albions). The Runggatscher family has therefore been the owner of the farmhouse for the last 10 generations and for over 260 years. As with the hunting parties of past centuries, today guests still enjoy the same warm hospitality and incomparable atmosphere of a mountain holiday in the historical Ranui Hof lodge.

The frescoes

In 1682 Michael Jenner hadfrescoes depicting scenes of hunting and cooking painted in the corridor of the 1st floor. These extraordinary illustrations of a bygone era were restored in 1983 with the help of the Messerschmitt Foundation of Munich, presided by Dr. Hans Heinrich von Srbik, and of the Cultural Heritage Division of the Province of Bolzano, and today attract guests interested in art and more.

On both sides of the corridor on the 1st floor, doors lead to 8 rooms, 5 of which are rented to guests. These rooms in the past were occupied by Michael Jenner’s hunting companions. Today their most fascinating aspect is the family atmosphere that pervades them.

The ‘Stube’ lounge

Our beautiful wood-panelled Stube was redecorated about 100 years ago and the painter must have been quite an amusing chap with considerable poetic gifts seeing that on a column next to the stove he wrote in Gothic characters:

"Im kalten Winter bleib dahinter. Im warmen Sommer, schaug gar nits ummer" (that translated in English means approximately: “Rest next to the warm stove in winter months, but avoid it in the hot summer months”).

The front side of the column has the following inscription:

"This Stube was made in 1845".

Today you can spend your holidays in this lodge, relax with a tasty breakfastmade with the genuine products of the farm,once in a while casting your eyes on the small church of Ranui at the feet of the Odle range.

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