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The most charming sight of Val di Funes is and remains its natural landscape. But there is still much more to discover. With the free DolomitiMobil card you have admission to the more than 90 museums in South Tyrol participating in the initiative. It also includesthe use of all means of public transport  and a ride by cable car.

Visitors’ Centre at the Puez-Odle Nature reserve

Learn more about the geological, biological and cultural diversity of Val di Funes at the visitors’ centre of the Puez-Odle Nature reserve where tourists, adults as well as children, are welcomed by a satellite photo of the area laid out beneath their feet. In the display area "Touch the mountains" different rock types and rock layers are presented, while the two permanent exhibitions "Chamber of natural wonders" and "Conquest of the mountains" illustrate the fascinating beauty of the Puez-Odle Natue reserve.

Mineral Museum of Tiso

Have you ever seen a "Tiso ball"? In the Mineral museum of Val di Funes<STRONG/>you will receive a complete explanation about the origins and composition of these splendid crystals, that are to be found only in Val di Funes. The geodes and the agate "almonds" can measure up to 20 centimetres in diameter. Inside the geode’s cavity one finds amethysts, quartz crystals and agate that especially arouse the interest of children. Accompanied by the alpine guide and mineral collector Paul Fischnaller you can go in search of Tiso balls.

Info Point Dolomites Unesco

The UNESCO visitors’ centreShows with time-lapse what nature has created in 270 million years and the show that leaves Val di Funes visitors dumbfounded: the legendary panorama of the Dolomites. In 2009, this unique alpine landscape with its nine subareas was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

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