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Val di Funes offers its guests a wide range of cultural, recreational and gastronomic activities all year round. Events and shows in Val di Funes

The Val di Funes spectacled sheep weeks
28 September 2023 - 08 October 2023

During the week in which dishes made with Val di Funes spectacled sheep meat are served, you can enjoy many other food specialties. The Val di Funes spectacled sheep owes its name to the black spots around the eyes. Its finely fibred meat is a true specialty of this valley in the Dolomites. During the Val di Funes spectacled sheep weeks, 13 partner companies add to their menus a wide assortment of tasty dishes made with this meat. The Visitors’ Centre of the Puez-Odle Nature Reserveproposes especially to families an educational afternoon on the making of felt with Val di Funes wool.


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